Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Hi, friends. How've you been? I'm glad you're here!
You might remember that I recently moved from Washington, D.C. to Wisconsin. 
The last few weeks have been a little crazy (to say the least!)
But I'm glad to be getting back into some sort of routine. 

And don't hate me for mentioning it, but it's the elephant in this virtual room.


It's like, just a few days away. How? 
As much as I love summer, I'm actually really excited for autumn. 
(Don't hate me!)

On that note, let's get right into it. Here's what I've been up to lately!


The last couple of months (and this past month, in particular) has been one big curveball. 
I made the difficult decision to leave my first real job — a position I fought to secure for months after my college graduation. And with that, decided to move back to my home state of Wisconsin after finally coming to terms with the fact that D.C. just wasn't the perfect fit for me, despite desperate efforts to convince myself otherwise. (Don't worry, D.C. Mad love for you, always. You just aren't my forever home.) I moved across the country and settled into my new apartment without a "real" plan of what to do next or how to move forward. 

People are reaching out in (seemingly) troves to ask about my new job, why I moved back and what my plan is for the future. And honestly? I don't have a good answer. For any of those questions. At times, the anxiety that comes along with the ambiguity of life is crippling. But right now, I'm just doing what I can — taking life day-by-day, trying to figure it out. I'm so glad you're here & sticking with me through this transitional period. I can't wait to share what the future has in store with y'all. 

And on that note...


The "upside" of ambiguity is time. It's been nice having a little bit of downtime. I've been able to travel and reconnect with a handful of old friends. Last weekend I popped up to Minneapolis to celebrate a friends' birthday. Can we talk about how cool this marble decorative tray is? A friend crafted it as a birthday gift. She's seriously the queen of repurposing & upcycling, and always seems to be working on some flawless crafty creation. (Can somebody get HGTV over here? Because I swear this girl is the next Joanna Gaines.)

God bless people like her who have much more patience than I. 
I'm in the middle of DYI-ing a pair of sofa end tables and think I might lose it if I have to touch another can of gold spray paint. (The struggle.) But I hope they turn out well, because I'd love to share the final product with y'all!

Over this upcoming Labor Day Weekend, I'll be heading up north to spend the weekend aboard a family yacht. I love heading up to the boat because there's just something so incredibly relaxing about being on the water. The construct of time seems to hold no importance, and alternatively, our days are dictated by the rising and setting of the sun. Stay tuned for more details in a post next week!


top: ring || bag
bottom: display rings

If you've been around for a while, you'll know that I've got a soft spot for a well-shaped gel manicure. I always get my nails done twice a month because is there anything worse than naked nails? No. The answer is no. (Actually, yes. Chipped nails.) Because sometimes, you've just got to treat yourself! Whether it be a massage, manicure or microdermabrasion, I'm always sure to pop by the Health, Beauty and Wellness Groupons before I make an appointment. I've been using Groupon to save on beauty services for years — many merchants offer discounts of well over 50% off! 

While I do have salon & stylist preferences for certain services, I always welcome the opportunity to try out new-to-me establishments, especially when I can score a killer deal. Pro tip: Groupon deals are great for gifting & girl's day! (My best friend & I have scheduled side-by-side services from Groupon deals we've found in the past — spa day on a budget!)

Every once in a while I'll pop on over to the Groupon app I have installed on my iPhone and check out what deals and promotions they have. Because, hey. The more you know... the more you will (hopefully) save!


Thank you to Lawrence Cheng Photography for contributing to this post. 


  1. I absolutely love Groupon! I use it for health & wellness mostly too! I save so much on massages, laser hair removal and so much more!

    Rachel | www.theconfusedmillennial.com

    1. Same girl, same! I always find that Groupon is a great way to pamper myself on a budget. Thanks for stopping by, Rachel!

  2. I'm glad that the move went well! And I'm a huge fan of Groupon!
    -Anna | www.fivefootandfabulous.com

    1. Thank you, Anna! Whether it's across the country or down the street, moving isn't fun no matter where you're going. I'm just glad the whole process is over, haha!

  3. I'm so excited for autumn too! And good luck with figuring out your future (which sounds daunting but I'm in the same boat)- you got this!

    1. Thanks, Elly! It sure is daunting, but right now, I'm just taking a step back and taking things one day at a time. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. You have been one busy bee! Your travel adventures sound lots of fun, and hoping that you enjoy your long weekend!

    xoxo A

  5. Glad the move went well! Have fun this weekend with your family!

    Greta | www.gretahollar.com

  6. Love this, especially your moving pic! Looks very familiar ;)

  7. Groupon is the best! So glad you're getting all settled in.

    xoxo, Jenny

  8. Very excited for fall. New seasons always seem to feel like a fresh start, right? Best of luck with everything! :) XO, Nicole // www.empirestyles.com

  9. I have been needing to jump on the Groupon bandwagon for quite some time now. I get the emails, and the deals look amazing! So glad your move went well. Best of luck to you :)


  10. I never look on Groupon before purchasing beauty services, but I am checking it out now! So glad I read this!

    The Blush Blonde

  11. So glad your move went well! I love Groupon and Groupon coupons for saving on all sorts of things!


  12. I admire you for making such a big decision and really following your gut. I'm sure everything will work out just the way it's meant to!

    La Belle Sirene 

  13. Sounds like you've been keeping busy with all of your life changes! So exciting! I hardly ever get my nails done, but when I do, I usually get pedicures. I've never used Groupon for them. I'll have to look into it!

  14. Congrats on your big move! I know change is hard, especially when you're unsure of what comes next, but hang in there. Everything will work out in due time!

    Lauren | www.alilstyleblog.com