Friday, February 12, 2016


Happy Friday, y'all!
If you're keeping track, you may have noticed some new bloggers making appearances around here! Today's guest post comes from Audrey out of Lubbock, Texas. Keep reading to see how she styled her way through Europe!

When I graduated from high school, I knew I wanted one thing as a graduation gift: travel. I had such a desire to see Europe. I wanted to see their culture and get a taste of it on my own. When that was the only thing I had begged for, for over a year, my parents booked my flight. My dad and I went to go spend quality time together. We spent two weeks traveling through Italy and France. 

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One of my all-time favorite spots during our whole trip was Cote D'azur (known as the French Riviera) in France. This is the general area of Nice, Monaco and St. Tropez. It is stunning. The ocean, the food, the people — I couldn't get enough of it! We spent each day going to all of these places along the coast. One day, we took a trip to Monaco. I was ecstatic to see the luxury and high fashion that's central to Monte Carlo. I made sure to dress appropriately for summer, but with an eloquent twist. I chose this maxi dress, a sun hat and gladiator flats. I mixed my outfit up with a 'bonjour' clutch and lots of arm candy. 

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As we walked around, it was everything I expected and more. Thousands of yachts, Lamborghinis, fancy restaurants, etc. I definitely thought I had entered a magical kingdom. Monte Carlo is is extremely small and very exclusive. It was a great city to "people watch." The people of Monte Carlo have such a different lifestyle. It's crazy to think of the life I have in Texas, compared to thousands of wealthy people that live in an exclusive place like Monte Carlo. Isn't it so insane how some people's normal is our extreme? I was in awe over the way they lived, what they had, and what they were around. The stunning Mediterranean ocean and the mountains. The fast-yet-slow luxury life. Monte Carlo is seriously magical, and if you ever stop by the French Riviera, I would recommend Monte Carlo be your first stop. You'll be in awe just like I was. 

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My name's Audrey and I blog over at I talk all about fashion, beauty and my life as a college girl. I attend Texas Tech University, where I'm a Zeta Tau Alpha. I have huge dreams of traveling the world. Eventually, I hope to settle down with a job in public relations in New York City. 


  1. omg love it! so glad I was able to guest post for you- xoxo

  2. In love with this dress. The perfect look for vacation indeed!

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane