Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Denim || Top || Cardigan (old, similar) || Vest (similar) || Socks || Boots || Watch || Purse 

White is one of my favorite colors to wear. It's versatile, goes with everything and can play both roles of being bold and understated – the ultimate neutral. I love an all-white ensemble, it's one my go-to looks during warmer months. 

Wearing white in the winter can be a little tricky. What's up with that "don't wear white after Labor Day" myth, anyways? It's got to be like, some type of urban legend at this point. Whatever that saying is, it's nonsense. You can totally pull off white in the winter if you style it the right way. 

I wanted to go all-out with white, so I paired a white top with some white denim to create a monochromatic base. Sometimes, winter whites can be harsh and stark – to combat this issue, I styled the base with softer neutrals. It's a great way to achieve a (somewhat) monochromatic look without going overboard. 

From previous posts, you may have noticed I'm pretty fond of this J.Crew Excursion vest. It's the perfect layering piece and the versatile color can be styled with just about anything. The color is 'warm bisque' and I picked it up a few seasons ago from J.Crew retail. Since then, retail has updated their Excursion vest and bumped this version to J.Crew Factory (note: the Factory version is on major, major sale!). Personally, I prefer the flat-lay front pockets over the updated version's utility-style pockets... but retail has an identical color (called 'bleached sand') whereas Factory's closest color is a bit more of an off-white. 

And... on to the shoes! Duck boots have become somewhat "trendy" recently, but really, they're pretty timeless. L.L. Bean Boots have been around for over 100 years! Let me start out by saying I love L.L. Bean. They've got fabulous customer service and use quality materials in their products. Personally, I love that their Bean Boots are hand-crafted in Maine. Bean Boots are really popular and often sell out quickly... When I popped on over to the website, I saw that they're already backordered into March! When I went to buy mine a few years ago in November, I was bummed to find out they were backordered for months. I ended up waiting until April to snag a pair and scored them for an extra 25% off! If you have the patience to wait until the off-season, you could definitely end up scoring a pair for less!


Thank you to Lawrence Cheng Photography for shooting this post

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