Monday, April 6, 2015

Semester Survival Guide

It’s that time again – the beginning of spring semester. After squeezing a couple years of college under my belt, I think I’ve finally mastered how to comfortably survive… My last semester in college. Too little too late? Maybe. Alas, I figured I’d share my wisdom (or lack thereof). Keep reading for some items I’ve deemed essential to surviving!
1. Camelbak: during my college experience, I’ve found that carrying around a water bottle has become a non-negotiable. Between rushing from class, to work, to internships and meetings, there’s not always a good time or place to stop and grab a bottle of water. Plus, carrying a reusable bottle is environmentally friendly. After trying, losing and destroying a handful of reusable water bottles, I keep buying Camelbak products. I’m hooked on the drinking spout. Love it!
2. Body butter: lotion, body butter, cream, you name it. You’ve got to stash some away in your bag. I’m all about this Bath & Body Works body cream right now – it smells great and the consistency is perfect (plus, it’s on sale!). I like to carry body butter or body cream with me, as I prefer a thicker consistency to my lotions. I usually stow a mini tube in my backpack for convenience – I’m carrying this one now!
3. Snacks: so essential, yet so understated. I wouldn’t dare leave my apartment for the day without packing something to munch on. Some days, I’ll pack a lunch or eat out. On the days when everything’s going wrong and I don’t have time for a lunch, I’m thankful I’ve always got a stash of snacks in my bag. Sitting through a lecture or meeting when your stomach is growling is absolutely the worst. I usually opt for Kind Bars or Clif Bars. So good.
4. Agenda: I’m a firm believer that organization is key to success. Or at least on the path to success… Nonetheless, I cannot survive a week, much less a semester, without my trusty planner in tow. I settled on this personalized Gallery Leather agenda in tan for 2015, but have been a fan of Lilly Pulitzer agendas in the past.
5. Notebooks: hear me out here… I know, I know. It’s 2015! I’ve spent the last 3 years of my college career as a laptop notetaker. Even last semester, if you would have told me I converted back to 1996 taking notes by hand, I wouldn’t have believed you. Yet, I’ve decided to go back to the basics and give this a try. I decided to try going a semester taking notes via notebook in hopes of retaining more information and to stay focused during class. So far, it’s proven to be a bit tedious, but I feel that I am engaging with the material more than I have before. Check back in May for results of this “experiment” – hopefully it pays off!

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