Monday, April 6, 2015

Beauty Bits: CND Shellac

I'm a sucker for a good Shellac manicure. Well-shaped nails and a fresh coat of no-chip polish is always in style, in my opinion. There's just something about neatly manicured nails that give me an extra "oomph" of confidence!

Chipped nail polish has always been one of my bigger pet peeves - it looks unsightly and  unprofessional. The cure? No-chip gel polish. After trying several different gel polishes, I've grown loyal to CND Shellac. While many gel polishes are on the market (OPI GelColor, Gelish, etc.), CND's unique formula has suited my preferences best. In my experience, Shellac truly lives up to its promise, lasting a full 14 days. In fact, I have gone tree weeks (gasp!) between polish changes and the polish has stayed completely in tact (although, the outgrowth was quite noticeable). Additionally, I have noticed the removal process for Shellac seems quicker and easier, taking no longer than 10 minutes. Finally, my favorite aspect of CND Shellac is the polish formula itself. The polish is undoubtably thinner than other gel polishes, leaving the nail with a beautiful, smooth profile in the end, versus the heavy and thick appearance other gel polishes can leave. Want to know more about the CND Shellac system? Click here.

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